Diets are temporary, lifestyle is permanent!

There is so much competitiveness in today’s society over which diet you should be following/which is best for you and it is leaving a lot of people extremely confused.

Some say eat high carb, some say eat high protein, avoid grains, avoid this, avoid that, eat this, eat that, try this shake, try these diet pills….. but are we really listening to what our bodies are telling us or nourishing our bodies in terms of what our goals are?

Yes some people are better suited to a higher carb diet, some are better suited to a higher protein diet and some are better suited to somewhere in between. There is no wrong or right answer.

What we are forgetting is that every single person is different and what suits one person generally won’t suit the next. Firstly we must go back to basics and start with wholesome and nourishing food options (food that isn’t found in the aisles of your supermarkets – stick to the fresh food area).

The key is to listen to your body and find what works for you and also what works according to your goal. For example a body builder will have an extremely different diet to someone running a marathon. Therefore we must adjust accordingly and fuel ourselves based on our own day to day activities.

For specific meal plans and advice directly catered to you it is best to see a registered dietician. As a personal trainer I can provide general assistance/advice and can help you get started today!

If you want to successfully make a change to your health and fitness it must be maintainable, adjustable and suited to your lifestyle. Diets are temporary = lifestyle is permanent!


Chin Up vs. Pull Up

chin up vs pull up

Chin Up vs Pull Up! What’s the difference?
A ‘Chin Up’ is when your hands are in supinated grip meaning palms are facing towards the body (as shown in the picture). It is one of the easiest upper-body pulling movements due to this grip and the corresponding gain in biceps assistance.
A ‘Pull Up’ is when the hands are pronated meaning palms are forward. This therefore means that there is less assistance from the muscles of the upper arm and correspondingly more stress on the back muscles which is what makes it significantly more difficult! The ‘Pull Up’ is a progression to the ‘Chin Up’✅
How many can you do!? Picture curtesy of Pinterest.

Tupperware Food… Uh Oh.


Breaking all the rules and posting a photo of my food in a Tupperware container… totally badass. Breakfast this morning was two eggs, half a serving of The Naked Co Vanilla Protein, handful of blueberries, dash of coconut all mixed together and cooked in a pan. Add extra blueberries and rice malt syrup once cooked and devour – YUM!

The main reason for this post is I actually wanted to share my workout with you all from gym this morning. The reason for the food is that well, it was my post workout meal.

I mainly focused on legs this morning at gym and I think I may be hurting a little tomorrow. But as follows this is what I did:

Back Squats
5 reps with barbell no weight, 10 reps 20kg, 10 reps 30kg, 10 reps 40kg then decreased by 2 reps each time until I got to 2 so it went like this – 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.

Superset 1 – 3 rounds of:
16 (8 each side) elevated lunges with 10kg DB hand
20 med ball lateral step ups (10 each side)
16 straight leg KB deadlift (20kg)

Superset 2 – 3 rounds of:
16 (8 each leg) lunge to standing donkey kick – hold medball at chest for every rep
10 jump squats

Superset 3 – 3 rounds of:
10 lat pull downs (30kg)
10 shoulder press (10kg)

Superset 4 – 3 rounds of:
10 seated rows (25kg)
10 male pushups

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far 🙂




Morning Ritual🌻

So as of this week I no longer have a client on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as her new job has led to her being unable to attend. Therefore I have had the chance to enjoy a beach walk with my puppies both mornings. Winter here is seriously gorgeous and it’s so easy getting out of bed knowing the beautiful greeting I’ll get by the sun!! I can’t complain, I am loving these mornings off to myself😊


Smoothie Goodness💚

Last week I purchased protein samples to try from The Naked Co! I got two vanilla, one cacao and one cinnamon. I have tried the vanilla and cacao but not the cinnamon yet. I absolutely love the vanilla and have ordered a big pack of it to use for my smoothies. This was my smoothie combo the other day and it was delicious!! So simple but so good😊👍

◾️250ml Coco Quench Coconut Milk
◾️30g Vanilla Protein by The Naked Co
◾️1 ripe banana
Blend together with some ice and enjoy✅


Sarahfina Bootcamps!

2014-07-16 06.48.36-1

Sarahfina Functional Fitness runs bootcamps every Wednesday and Friday morning (6am) at Yeppoon Main Beach. The last few weeks have been absolutely freezing but the sunrises have been incredible. We are very blessed to have access to such a beautiful training spot. If you are ever in the Yeppoon area – visiting or are a local – please don’t hesitate to contact me about joining in these groups. Each session is different but we focus on whole body functional training to assist everyday activities and seriously, who doesn’t love a glorious sunrise?!